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Bolivia seems to be skimpy on the tourist visa. We obtained ours on arrival at the airport and the stamp in our passports said 30 days. Although we were convinced that it should’ve been more according to the information on the internet, the immigration officer couldn’t be convinced otherwise.

It turned out that thirty days weren’t enough to discover all this beautiful country has to offerso we made a quick visit to the immigration office (Migración) in La Paz.

It went smooth…smoother than expected.
Just our passports were enough, we were asked how many more days we want, the bored & grumpy office clerk was fast to hit the stamp and we were good to go. In and out in 5 minutes…no hassle, no waiting, nada.

But in case the bureaucracy gods of Bolivia are not on your side, we’ve got you covered!
Here’s a complete guide on how to extend the tourist visa during your visit and what you’ll need.

Visa rules and regulations

  • you can extend the visa only 3-4 days before it expires!
  • maximum 90 days per year are allowed on a tourist visa (free of charge).
  • you can only extend 30 days at a time, so if you want to stay the full 90 days you’ll have to extend twice.

No migración – no good!

Check if the town you’re staying at shortly before your visa expires actually has an immigration office!
A safe bet are all the big ones: La Paz, Sucre, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

What to bring?

  • passport
  • green immigration card
  • optional | one copy of each: first passport page, page with entry stamp, green immigration card

Note: we were not asked for any of the copies!
It’s not a problem if they do ask, there will be copy shops nearby (about 1BOB per sheet).

How to do it?

  • go early when the immigration office opens.
  • state your business to the attendant at the info desk.
  • you should get a number and wait for it to appear on the screen (we were sent directly to the clerk).
  • provide documents to the desk clerk and tell him you want thirty days more.
  • walk out smiling with your visa extended 🙂
Visa Boolivia extended 30 day in passport
That little stamp makes all the difference.

Easy peasy!

So now that you know the what and the how there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your Bolivian adventure.

Safe travels,

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