About us

Hi there, welcome to wewerereallyhere, we’re so glad you dropped by!

We are Mili and Helmut, two passionate travelers from Austria in their early thirties.
Mili is originally from Serbia and we met and fell in love during our studies.

After graduating from university we started the classical 9-5 routine. It didn’t take us long to start questioning our near future goals.
Around us people were getting babies, buying property and settling down, but all we could think of was taking time off to travel…right now! 
It felt like the right time, while we can still cope with dorms and 12h buses and all other not so very pleasant sides of long term travel.

What’s said is done and by the end of 2016 we quit our jobs, got rid of all excess stuff and were basically homeless and free to embark on what is to be our greatest adventure yet!

In January 2017 we’ve started a trip around the world.
Since then our lives have shifted towards new experiences, immersing ourselves in other cultures, while taking it slow, savoring the day and getting to know ourselves on a whole new level.

This blog is our creative outlet, a way to process what we’ve seen and experienced.
It is a reminder of how we felt on a given day and a visual narrative of all the incredible places that swept us off our feet. We want to inspire and encourage you to travel independently and help plan your trip.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride!

Safe travels,