We moved out of the apartment.

For the next two weeks before we start our journey we’ll be living in Heli’s hometown, in the house he grew up in. In his old room on the nightstand there’s a lamp…which also happens to be a globe.

I never really payed any attention to it.

Now every night when I go to sleep I look at it just a second longer than before…how fitting it seems right now. I look at it and think, this is it, we’re going to see the world.

I’ve dreamt about this moment for quite some time and now that the actual date approaches my head is working full time. Doubts and questions flood my mind.

Will I actually manage to travel for an entire year?
Will it  stress me, wear me down?
Will I like it?
Will I learn to deal with situations and people that usually annoy me?
…and for heaven’s sake will I pack to perfection and cross everything off my todo lists and what if I forget something?

This time I don’t really have a home to run back to.

Wherever I am will have to be home.
Whatever I bring will have to be enough.
It won’t be perfect, but it will be exactly what we need.
I’m scared but can’t wait to dive in 😉

Hello world, we’re coming!

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