Liebster Award Nomination

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, especially while traveling long term. Take this blog of ours for example, we set out with a basic set-up thinking we’ll figure things out along the way. In reality we’ve had to deal with terrible WiFi, long travel days and a broken laptop, which all sums up to at least 10 months of travel that we need to catch up with on the blog. Despite looking like lazy bloggers (we just take our time for things), we somehow, miraculously got nominated for a Liebster Award :).

This award is a kind of chain-letter for bloggers, a way to spread the word about small size blogs we read and like.
It’s also a chance for us to tell you more about ourselves and our travels.

Although it predominantly circulates amongst german-speaking blogs, we were thrilled when Bernhard and Melanie from asked us if we would like to participate – thanks a lot guys! They are two beach loving chemists (hence the name) with a great sence of humor, who recently got back home from an around the world trip! Make sure to check them out <3

We’ll start off with 10 random facts about us, then answer 10 questions from Bernhard and Melanie.
Finally, it’ll be our turn to ask questions and you can catch up with the answers on the blogs of our lovely nominees.

Telica volcano camping in Leopn Nicaragua.
Our tent on Telica volcano, rescued from the lake! Probably our craziest travel adventure.

10 Random Facts About Us

  1. We met at uni but never really noticed each other. When Heli moved into the same student residence we hit it off after a week and have been a couple ever since – 7 years and counting!
  2. Mili moved to Austria in 2005 to study and ended up staying afterwards. She loves swearing in Serbian and feels that the German language doesn’t have enough curse words to creatively express her emotions!
  3. We became camping enthusiasts traveling around the world (yeah Peru we’re looking at you!) and even bought a tent that we now lug around and curse occasionally. We plan to get some awesome gear and camp around Austria and Europe when we get back home.
  4. Somehow 90% of the time people think we are from Australia, even when we say we are from Austria in Europe. Maybe we should have brought some “no kangaroos in Austria” t-shirts with us?
  5. We seriously hate traveling in high season and booking everything in advance, it’s a pain and gets us all nervous and stressed out!
  6. Mili used to sing in a choir back in highschool that became a very famous acapella choir, not just in Serbia but also internationally.
  7. We’re extremely passionate about food and love to cook. Although we’re fans of street food a well stocked kitchen with an oven gets us mighty excited!
  8. Helmut could fill up every single moment of every single day with activities, while Mili likes to balance all the adventure with breaks and down-time. Mili is very organized and methodic and Helmut quite chaotic and all over the place sometimes. In other words we compliment each other perfectly 😊
  9. Mili speaks five languages fluently: Serbian, German, English, Italian and Spanish.
  10. Helmut is a bit of a late travel bloomer. He took his first long-haul flight in 2011 (backpacking in Thailand and Cambodia) and has been a little travel obsessed ever since.

Our Answers to Bernhard’s and Melanie’s Questions

  • What’s the most annoying question, that you’ve had to answer during your travels?
    We’re very annoyed when people try to guess our nationality. Often they’d say that we’re French *eyeroll*.
    It’s just beyond our understanding how German can sound like French to anybody.
  • How do you spend the long hours on buses/boats/roadtripping?
    Nothing very exciting: sleeping, reading, looking through the window and eating…the usual 😊.
    Recently we started processing our photos on long rides, though!
  • What are the essential items on your packing list?
    A couple of things we really appreciate in no particular order are:
    – a good usb charger and cables
    – vacuum bag to minimize the volume of clothes in the backpack
    – hydrogen peroxide for cuts and wounds
    – e-reader for reading on the go
  • How would you describe your perfect day?
    We kinda wish for days where nothing goes wrong 😅. We’ve had a streak of bad luck in Mexico that included everything from credit card fraud to immigration problems and are a bit tired of having to resolve issues all the time.
  • How do you prepare for a trip?
    We mostly search the internet and read blogs. Occasionally we use a travel guide, but those have become obsolete in our opinion. From there we pick the places and activities to ultimately forge a genious travel plan!
  • What would you say is your craziest travel adventure?
    Probably hiking up Telica volcano in Nicaragua. Our tent almost got flooded when our camping spot turned into a lake from heavy rain and in the night we went to look into the red glowing crater! No rails, no guards, just us and the fiery giant.
Peeking into the crater of Telica volcano in Leon Nicaragua.
Peeking into the crater of Telica volcano – craziest travel adventure style 🙂
  • How does travel change your world view?
    We’ve had so many great moments with local people who were very kind and helping without wanting anything in return. This motivates us to be more open and helping towards others, to be more positive and trusting!
    We’ve also learned to truly appreciate everything we have – background, education, family, job opportunities etc.
  • What to do you miss most while traveling?
    Basic stuff like a good bed and a warm shower with good water pressure.
    Also drinking tap water, goodcheese and a hairdyer 😄
  • Which language do you wish you could speak and why?
    Portuguese is high on the list, because it flows so wonderfully, like music!
  • What are your eating habits on the road?
    We definitely don’t eat as healthy as we used to. It’s hard during travel days and the street food in Latin America can’t be compared to the food in Asia. When we cook ourselves it’s mostly pasta or rice with veggies, but we try to change it up when we have a good kitchen with an oven.
Sunrise on Telica volcano in Leon Nicaragua.
Enjoying the view of more volcanoes on top of Telica.

Our Liebster Award Nominees

We’ve met a couple of nice down to earth people through instagram (yeah I guess it’s good for something) whose passion for independent travel matches our own!

We proudly present:

Igor and Gaga from a charming and witty couple from Serbia who blog about their travels in both English and Serbian.

Ella and Tom from whose photos we immediately fell in love with! Serious travel inspiration ❤

Here are our 10 questions for you guys:

  • What’s the favorite country you’ve been to and why?
  • Tell us about your worst travel moment!
  • What’s your most memorable interaction with the locals in a foreign country?
  • What comodities do you miss most when traveling?
  • What’s your favorite dish from abroad?
  • Do you have any essential apps that you always use on your travels?
  • What experiences/countries are on your bucket list?
  • How do your family and friends feel about your travels?
  • Do you feel that travel has changed you and how?
  • What’s a favorite song that’s on your travel playlist?

We’re curious and can’t wait to read your answers!

Safe travels,

Liebster Award Rules

Write up the answers in a post on your blog, ask 10 questions yourself and nominate other blogs!
Also don’t forget to:

  • Mention and thank the blog that nominated you.
  • Write 10 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate other blogs (preferably 5-11) that need some love!
  • List the Liebster Award rules in  your post.
  • Send a message to the blog that nominated you when your post goes online.


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